Saturday, November 10, 2012

Scribbling PAd


As far as possible, a good and just world can be imagined, we already are living in the best of all possible worlds. our world, which is surly man made, with all its follies and short comings is still quiet good, fair and habitable. 


How strange it is that people are rarely able to think some thing which is more than their nature. We go round and round in a circle hopelessly, seldom finding something new, as if our thought were constrained by our nature. In that way not every body  is a philosopher. And the very few who can do philosophy truly, which is so to say are able to jump out of their selves (a very impossible feat so to say, but nevertheless possible) makes them so very much admirable and special. What they think is rare and also true, a skill that comes with logical and scientific training

How terrible it looks when a philosopher's philosophy is  result of his desires which has its root in his culture and religion, and the person is not even aware of it. Without realizing how stupid their philosophy sounds they babble it out like some innocent child. 
The fool wants to fight every superstition. 

Now, i live in the rarefied air of cold mountains. Breaking out of the my numerous shells I realize now how hopelessly i was trapped in my countless beliefs. 

God :- The Transcendental 

Religion :- Fear of the Transcendental 

The best atheist is one who does not defend his views loudly.  

How do you prove the non-existence of something-like God.   

Finally all my words of wisdom will be considered as literature. 

* Talk Me Out Of My Sin * 

   How terrible it would be

   If a rose feels guilty for being soft 

   If a rock feels guilty for being hard

                                                            - work in progress

* When I do not look at a thing 
I see a ghost 

* Adults are only a magnified version of teen

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